Python: Check a list is empty or not

Python List: Exercise-8 with Solution

Write a Python program to check if a list is empty or not.

Pictorial Presentation:

Python: Check a list is empty or not

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

l = []
if not l:
  print("List is empty")

Sample Output:

List is empty


In the above exercise -

l = []  -> This line creates an empty list called 'l'.

if not l:
  print("List is empty")

The above code checks if the list 'l' is empty using the not keyword, which checks if a value is False. If 'l' is empty, the condition is true, and the code block inside the if statement will execute.

Therefore, the output of this code will be "List is empty", since the list l is indeed empty and the code inside the if block is executed.


Flowchart: Check a list is empty or not

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