Python Math: Print the floating point from mantissa, exponent pair

Python Math: Exercise-58 with Solution

Write a Python program to print the floating point of the mantissa, exponent pair.

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

import math

print('{:^7}  {:^8}  {:^17}'.format('Mantissa', 'Exponent', 'Floating point value'))
print('{:-^8}  {:-^8}  {:-^20}'.format('', '', ''))

for m, e in [ (0.7, -3),
              (0.3,  0),
              (0.5,  3),
    x = math.ldexp(m, e)
    print('{:7.2f}  {:7d}  {:7.2f}'.format(m, e, x))

Sample Output:

Mantissa  Exponent  Floating point value                                                                      
--------  --------  --------------------                                                                      
   0.70       -3     0.09                                                                                     
   0.30        0     0.30                                                                                     
   0.50        3     4.00


Flowchart: Print the floating point from mantissa, exponent pair

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