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Python Metaprogramming: Exercise-10 with Solution

Generating Functions Dynamically:

Write a Python function “generate_function” that takes a function name and a body as strings, and returns a dynamically generated function.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

# Function to generate a function dynamically
def generate_function(name, body):
    # Execute the function code in the local scope
    exec(f"def {name}():\n    {body}")
    # Return the generated function from the local scope
    return locals()[name]

# Define the function name and body
function_name = 'dynamic_function'
function_body = "print('Hello from the dynamically generated function!')"

# Generate the function
dynamic_func = generate_function(function_name, function_body)

# Test the dynamically generated function
dynamic_func()  # Output: "Hello from the dynamically generated function!"


Hello from the dynamically generated function!


  • Function Definition:
    • "generate_function" takes 'name' (the function name) and 'body' (a string containing the function body).
  • Execute Function Code:
    • exec(f"def {name}():\n {body}") dynamically defines and executes the function code in the local scope.
  • Return Generated Function:
    • The generated function is retrieved from 'locals()' and returned.
  • Function Name and Body:
    • 'function_name' is set to 'dynamic_function'.
    • 'function_body' contains the code to be executed within the function.
  • Generate the Function:
    • 'dynamic_func' is generated by calling 'generate_function'.
  • Test the Function:
    • The generated function "dynamic_func" is tested by calling it, which prints the message "Hello from the dynamically generated function!".

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