Python: Count the number of lines in a given CSV file

Python module: Exercise-2 with Solution

Write a Python program to count the number of lines in a given CSV file. Use csv.reader

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import csv
reader = csv.reader(open("employees.csv"))
no_lines= len(list(reader))

Sample Output:


Step1 - Open the CSV file using the open("employees.csv").
Step2 - Create a CSV reader by calling the function csv.reader(reader) as the result of the previous step.
Step3 - Get a list representation of the CSV file by calling list(reader) of the previous step.
Step4 - Count the number of lines in the CSV file with len(list(reader)).


Flowchart: Count the number of lines in a given CSV file.

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Python: Tips of the Day

Inverts a dictionary with non-unique hashable values:


def tips_collect_dictionary(obj):
  inv_obj = {}
  for key, value in obj.items():
    inv_obj.setdefault(value, list()).append(key)
  return inv_obj
ages = {
  "Owen": 25,
  "Jhon": 25,
  "Pepe": 15,


{25: ['Owen', 'Jhon'], 15: ['Pepe']}


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