NLTK Tokenize: Remove username handles from a twitter text

NLTK Tokenize: Exercise-7 with Solution

Write a Python NLTK program to remove Twitter username handles from a given twitter text.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

from nltk.tokenize import TweetTokenizer
tknzr = TweetTokenizer(strip_handles=True)
tweet_text = "@abcd @pqrs NoSQL introduction - w3resource http://bit.ly/1ngHC5F  #nosql #database #webdev"
print("\nOriginal Tweet:")
result = tknzr.tokenize(tweet_text)
print("\nTokenize a twitter text:")

Sample Output:

Original Tweet:
@abcd @pqrs NoSQL introduction - w3resource http://bit.ly/1ngHC5F  #nosql #database #webdev

Tokenize a twitter text:
['NoSQL', 'introduction', '-', 'w3resource', 'http://bit.ly/1ngHC5F', '#nosql', '#database', '#webdev']

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