NumPy: Create a record array from a given regular array

NumPy: Array Object Exercise-190 with Solution

Write a NumPy program to create a record array from a given regular array.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

import numpy as np
arra1 = np.array([("Yasemin Rayner", 88.5, 90),
                 ("Ayaana Mcnamara", 87, 99),
             ("Jody Preece", 85.5, 91)])
print("Original arrays:")
print("\nRecord array;")
result = np.core.records.fromarrays(arra1.T,
                              names='col1, col2, col3',
                              formats = 'S80, f8, i8')

Sample Output:

Original arrays:
[['Yasemin Rayner' '88.5' '90']
 ['Ayaana Mcnamara' '87' '99']
 ['Jody Preece' '85.5' '91']]

Record array;
[(b'Yasemin Rayner', 88.5, 90) (b'Ayaana Mcnamara', 87. , 99)
 (b'Jody Preece', 85.5, 91)]

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