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Python NumPy: Find the roots of the given polynomials

Python NumPy Math, Statistics, Trigonometry and Linear algebra: Exercise-16 with Solution

Write a Python program to find the roots of the following polynomials.
a) x2 − 4x + 7.
b) x4 − 11x3 + 9x2 + 11x – 10

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

import numpy as np
print("Roots of the first polynomial:")
print(np.roots([1, -2, 1]))
print("Roots of the second polynomial:")
print(np.roots([1, -12, 10, 7, -10]))

Sample Output:

Roots of the first polynomial:                                         
[ 1.  1.]                                                              
Roots of the second polynomial:                                        
[ 11.04461946+0.j         -0.87114210+0.j          0.91326132+0.4531004

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