NumPy: Add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials

NumPy Mathematics: Exercise-18 with Solution

Write a NumPy program to add one polynomial to another, subtract one polynomial from another, multiply one polynomial by another and divide one polynomial by another.

Sample Solution:

Python Code:

from numpy.polynomial import polynomial as P
x = (10,20,30)
y = (30,40,50)
print("Add one polynomial to another:")
print("Subtract one polynomial from another:")
print("Multiply one polynomial by another:")
print("Divide one polynomial by another:")

Sample Output:

Add one polynomial to another:                                         
[ 40.  60.  80.]                                                       
Subtract one polynomial from another:                                  
[-20. -20. -20.]                                                       
Multiply one polynomial by another:                                    
[  300.  1000.  2200.  2200.  1500.]                                   
Divide one polynomial by another:                                      
(array([ 0.6]), array([-8., -4.]))

Pictorial Presentation:

NumPy Mathematics: Add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials. NumPy Mathematics: Add, subtract, multiply and divide polynomials.

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