Pandas: Get the information of the DataFrame including data types and memory usage

Pandas: IMDb Movies Exercise-2 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to get the information of the DataFrame (movies_metadata.csv file) including data types and memory usage.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

import pandas as pd
df = pd.read_csv('movies_metadata.csv')
result = df.info()
print("Details of the DataFrame:")

Sample Output:

RangeIndex: 50 entries, 0 to 49
Data columns (total 24 columns):
adult                    50 non-null bool
belongs_to_collection    10 non-null object
budget                   50 non-null int64
genres                   50 non-null object
homepage                 5 non-null object
id                       50 non-null int64
imdb_id                  50 non-null object
original_language        50 non-null object
original_title           50 non-null object
overview                 49 non-null object
popularity               50 non-null float64
poster_path              50 non-null object
production_companies     50 non-null object
production_countries     50 non-null object
release_date             50 non-null object
revenue                  50 non-null int64
runtime                  50 non-null float64
spoken_languages         50 non-null object
status                   50 non-null object
tagline                  41 non-null object
title                    50 non-null object
video                    50 non-null bool
vote_average             50 non-null float64
vote_count               50 non-null int64
dtypes: bool(2), float64(3), int64(4), object(15)
memory usage: 8.8+ KB
Details of the DataFrame:

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Sample Table:

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