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Pandas Practice Set-1: Create a new 'Quality -color' Series of the diamonds DataFrame

Pandas Practice Set-1: Exercise-4 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to create a new 'Quality -color' Series (use bracket notation to define the Series name) of the diamonds DataFrame.

Sample Solution :

Python Code :

import pandas as pd
diamonds = pd.read_csv('https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mwaskom/seaborn-data/master/diamonds.csv')
diamonds['Quality–color'] = diamonds.cut + ', ' + diamonds.color

Sample Output:

   carat      cut color clarity      ...           x     y     z  Quality–color
0   0.23    Ideal     E     SI2      ...        3.95  3.98  2.43       Ideal, E
1   0.21  Premium     E     SI1      ...        3.89  3.84  2.31     Premium, E
2   0.23     Good     E     VS1      ...        4.05  4.07  2.31        Good, E
3   0.29  Premium     I     VS2      ...        4.20  4.23  2.63     Premium, I
4   0.31     Good     J     SI2      ...        4.34  4.35  2.75        Good, J

[5 rows x 11 columns]

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