Pandas DataFrame: Create a dataframe from a dictionary and display it

Pandas: DataFrame Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to create a dataframe from a dictionary and display it.
Sample data: {'X':[78,85,96,80,86], 'Y':[84,94,89,83,86],'Z':[86,97,96,72,83]}

Sample Solution :

Python Code :

import pandas as pd
df = pd.DataFrame({'X':[78,85,96,80,86], 'Y':[84,94,89,83,86],'Z':[86,97,96,72,83]});

Sample Output:

    X   Y   Z                                                          
0  78  84  86                                                          
1  85  94  97                                                          
2  96  89  96                                                          
3  80  83  72                                                          
4  86  86  83                                       


df = pd.DataFrame({'X':[78,85,96,80,86], 'Y':[84,94,89,83,86],'Z':[86,97,96,72,83]});

The above code creates a pandas DataFrame object named ‘df’ with three columns X, Y, and Z and five rows. The values for each column are provided in a dictionary with keys X, Y, and Z.

The print(df) statement prints the entire DataFrame to the console.

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