Pandas Data Series: Convert year-month string to dates adding a specified day of the month


Pandas: Data Series Exercise-29 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to convert year-month string to dates adding a specified day of the month.

Sample Solution :

Python Code :

import pandas as pd
from dateutil.parser import parse
date_series = pd.Series(['Jan 2015', 'Feb 2016', 'Mar 2017', 'Apr 2018', 'May 2019'])
print("Original Series:")
print("\nNew dates:")
result = date_series.map(lambda d: parse('11 ' + d))

Sample Output:

Original Series:
0    Jan 2015
1    Feb 2016
2    Mar 2017
3    Apr 2018
4    May 2019
dtype: object

New dates:
0   2015-01-11
1   2016-02-11
2   2017-03-11
3   2018-04-11
4   2019-05-11
dtype: datetime64[ns]

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