Pandas HR database: Display the details of jobs in descending sequence on job title

Pandas HR database Queries: Exercise-23 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to display the details of jobs in descending sequence on job title.

Sample Solution :

Python Code :

import pandas as pd
employees = pd.read_csv(r"EMPLOYEES.csv")
departments = pd.read_csv(r"DEPARTMENTS.csv")
job_history = pd.read_csv(r"JOB_HISTORY.csv")
jobs = pd.read_csv(r"JOBS.csv")
countries = pd.read_csv(r"COUNTRIES.csv")
regions = pd.read_csv(r"REGIONS.csv")
locations = pd.read_csv(r"LOCATIONS.csv")
print("job_id      Job ID                                min_salary  max_salary")
result = jobs.sort_values('job_title')
for index, row in result.iterrows():

Sample Output:

job_id      Job ID                                min_salary  max_salary
FI_ACCOUNT      Accountant                          4200      9000
AC_MGR          Accounting Manager                  8200      16000
AD_ASST         Administration Assistant            3000      6000
AD_VP           Administration Vice President       15000     30000
FI_MGR          Finance Manager                     8200      16000
HR_REP          Human Resources Representative      4000      9000
MK_MAN          Marketing Manager                   9000      15000
MK_REP          Marketing Representative            4000      9000
AD_PRES         President                           20000     40000
IT_PROG         Programmer                          4000      10000
AC_ACCOUNT      Public Accountant                   4200      9000
PR_REP          Public Relations Representative     4500      10500
PU_CLERK        Purchasing Clerk                    2500      5500
PU_MAN          Purchasing Manager                  8000      15000
SA_MAN          Sales Manager                       10000     20000
SA_REP          Sales Representative                6000      12000
SH_CLERK        Shipping Clerk                      2500      5500
ST_CLERK        Stock Clerk                         2000      5000
ST_MAN          Stock Manager                       5500      8500

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Employees Table

Departments Table

Countries Table

Job_History Table

Jobs Table

Locations Table

Regions Table

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Structure of HR database :

HR database

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