Pandas: The datetime, day, and time objects

Pandas Time Series: Exercise-1 with Solution

Write a Pandas program to create
a) Datetime object for Jan 15 2012.
b) Specific date and time of 9:20 pm.
c) Local date and time.
d) A date without time.
e) Current date.
f) Time from a datetime.
g) Current local time.

Sample Solution:

Python Code :

import datetime
from datetime import datetime
print("Datetime object for Jan 11 2012:")
print(datetime(2012, 1, 11))
print("\nSpecific date and time of 9:20 pm") 
print(datetime(2011, 1, 11, 21, 20))
print("\nLocal date and time:")
print("\nA date without time: ")
print(datetime.date(datetime(2012, 5, 22)))
print("\nCurrent date:")
print("\nTime from a datetime:")
print(datetime.time(datetime(2012, 12, 15, 18, 12)))
print("\nCurrent local time:") 

Sample Output:

Datetime object for Jan 11 2012:
2012-01-11 00:00:00

Specific date and time of 9:20 pm
2011-01-11 21:20:00

Local date and time:
2020-08-17 09:56:17.459790

A date without time: 

Current date:

Time from a datetime:

Current local time:

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