Python: Retrieve file properties

Python Basic: Exercise-107 with Solution

Write a Python program to retrieve file properties.

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

import os.path
import time

print('File         :', __file__)
print('Access time  :', time.ctime(os.path.getatime(__file__)))
print('Modified time:', time.ctime(os.path.getmtime(__file__)))
print('Change time  :', time.ctime(os.path.getctime(__file__)))
print('Size         :', os.path.getsize(__file__))

Sample Output:

File         : 8dbacd90-266d-11e7-a9c1-cf681af3cdf1.py             
Access time  : Fri Apr 21 14:06:03 2017                            
Modified time: Fri Apr 21 14:06:02 2017                            
Change time  : Fri Apr 21 14:06:02 2017                            
Size         : 304   


Flowchart: Retrieve file properties.

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