Python: Make file lists from current directory using a wildcard

Python Basic: Exercise-111 with Solution

Write a Python program to make file lists from the current directory using a wildcard.

Sample Solution-1:

Python Code:

# Import the glob module, which allows you to search for files using wildcard patterns
import glob

# Use the glob module to get a list of all files in the current directory
file_list = glob.glob('*.*')

# Print the list of all files in the current directory

# Specific files
# Use a wildcard pattern to search for Python (.py) files in the current directory

# Use a more specific pattern to search for files with names starting with a digit and any extension

Sample Output:


Sample Solution-2:

Python Code:

# Import the Path class from the pathlib module to work with file paths
from pathlib import Path
# Iterate over all files and directories in the root directory ("/")
for path in Path("/").glob("*.*"):
    # Print the path (file or directory) to the console

Sample Output:


Python Code Editor:


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