Python: Extract single key-value pair of a dictionary in variables

Python Basic: Exercise-137 with Solution

Write a Python program to extract a single key-value pair from a dictionary into variables.

Sample Solution-1:

Python Code:

# Create a dictionary 'd' with a single key-value pair.
d = {'Red': 'Green'}

# Retrieve the items (key-value pairs) from the dictionary and unpack them into 'c1' and 'c2'.
# Note: Since 'd' contains only one key-value pair, we can safely unpack the items.
(c1, c2), = d.items()

# Print the first element, 'c1', which corresponds to the key 'Red'.

# Print the second element, 'c2', which corresponds to the value 'Green'.

Sample Output:


Sample Solution-2:

Python Code:

dict = {'key1': 'val1', 'key2': 'val2', 'key3': 'val3', 'key4': 'val4'}
print("Extract specific key, value")
x, y = list(dict.items())[0]
print(x, y)
x, y = list(dict.items())[3]
print(x, y)

Sample Output:

Extract specific key, value
key1 val1
key4 val4

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