Python: Get an absolute file path

Python Basic: Exercise-63 with Solution

Write a Python program to get an absolute file path.

Sample Solution-1:

Python Code:

# Define a function named absolute_file_path that takes a parameter 'path_fname'.
def absolute_file_path(path_fname):
    # Import the 'os' module for working with file paths and directories.
    import os
    # Use 'os.path.abspath()' to get the absolute file path by providing 'path_fname'.
    return os.path.abspath(path_fname)

# Call the function and print the result, passing "test.txt" as the argument.
print("Absolute file path: ", absolute_file_path("test.txt"))

Sample Output:

Absolute file path:  /home/students/path_fname 


Flowchart: Get an absolute file path.

Sample Solution-2:

Python Code:

# Import the 'Path' class from the 'pathlib' module, which provides an object-oriented interface to file system paths.
from pathlib import Path

# Create a Path object 'p' by providing the file path "main.py" and resolving it to its absolute path.
p = Path("main.py").resolve()

# Print the absolute path of the file.

Sample Output:


Python Code Editor:


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