Python: Command line arguments

Python Basic: Exercise-76 with Solution

Write a Python program to get the command-line arguments (name of the script, the number of arguments, arguments) passed to a script.

Sample Solution:

Python Code (test.py):

# Import the sys module to access command-line arguments and other system-specific functionality.
import sys

# Display the message "This is the name/path of the script:" and print the script's name or path.
print("This is the name/path of the script:"), sys.argv[0]

# Display the message "Number of arguments:" and print the total number of command-line arguments.
print("Number of arguments:", len(sys.argv))

# Display the message "Argument List:" and print the list of command-line arguments passed to the script.
print("Argument List:", str(sys.argv))

The command executed in command prompt:

prashanta@server:~$ python test.py arg1 arg2 arg3

Sample Output:

This is the name/path of the script: test.py
('Number of arguments:', 4)
('Argument List:', "['test.py', 'arg1', 'arg2', 'arg3']")


Flowchart: Get the command-line arguments passed to a script.


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