Python: Print the current call stack

Python Basic: Exercise-96 with Solution

Write a Python program to print the current call stack.

Sample Solution:-

Python Code:

import traceback
def f1():return abc()
def abc():traceback.print_stack()

Sample Output:

File "7a070e70-25c4-11e7-bc90-3fdc1ec1c64d.py", line 5, in <module>                                         
  File "7a070e70-25c4-11e7-bc90-3fdc1ec1c64d.py", line 3, in f1                                               
    def f1():return abc()                                                                                     
  File "7a070e70-25c4-11e7-bc90-3fdc1ec1c64d.py", line 4, in abc                                              
    def abc():traceback.print_stack() 


Flowchart: Print the current call stack.

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