Ruby Basic Exercises: Print the extension name of the file

Ruby Basic: Exercise-7 with Solution

Write a Ruby program to accept a filename from the user print the extension of that.

Ruby Code:

file = "/user/system/test.rb"
# file name
fbname = File.basename file  
puts "File name: "+fbname 
# basename
bname = File.basename file,".rb"
puts "Base name: "+bname 
# file extention
ffextn = File.extname  file   
puts "Extention: "+ffextn 
# path name
path_name= File.dirname  file 
puts "Path name: "+path_name


File name: test.rb
Base name: test
Extention: .rb
Path name: /user/system


Flowchart: Print the extension name of the file

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