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How to create a strong Password


This presentation describes ‘How to create a strong password?’.



The use of strong passwords lowers the risk of security breaches


★ Don’t use address, birthdates, simple numbers like 1234 or abxy, these are considered very weak.
★ Don’t use personal information like, a phone number, a social security number, your name, or anything else that can be easily guessed with a little bit of personal information.
★ Don’t make the password short.
★ Don’t use the same password for everything.

Password Strength

Password Strength is the level of complexity which is attributed to your password, which will keep it safe from unauthorized attempts to retrieve or guess it

The components that decide the strength of a password are its length, complexity and unpredictability

How to Create Strong & Unique Password

Passwords should be :
★ At least 8 characters long
★ User number (at least one)
★ Use upper case letter (at least one)
★ Mixed it with lower case letter
★ Use special characters (like @, $, #, %, &)
★ Don’t use a real word, name or anything that would be relatively easy to guess


Think something you can remember :

The password could be : Tqb@9Fjo$7tlD-1

“The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”

Test your password

Test your password from here :
Microsoft Safety & Security Centre
Let check our password : Tqb@9Fjo$7TlD-1
Result :

Use different passwords for different accounts

Use a strong unique Passwords for :
★ Email
★ Banking
★ E Commerce Sites
★ Social Network Sites

Never Share your Password

Consider to use a Password Manager

Password managers store and enter passwords for you. Which is the best password manager for you? Find out here :
★ LastPass 3.0 (Free)
★ LastPass 3.0 Premium
★ Dashlane 2.0
★ RoboForm Everywhere 7
★ Keeper 5.0
★ MyLOK Personal
★ Norton Identity Safe

Remember strong passwords do not replace the need for other effective security controls

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