AdventureWorks Database: Return first and last name, and other columns using partition by clause

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-123 with Solution

123 From the following table write a query in SQL to return first name, last name, territoryname, salesytd, and row number. Partition the query result set by the TerritoryName. Orders the rows in each partition by SalesYTD. Sort the result set on territoryname in ascending order.

Sample table: Sales.vSalesPerson

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Sample Solution:

SELECT FirstName, LastName, TerritoryName, ROUND(SalesYTD,2) AS SalesYTD,  
  AS Row  
FROM Sales.vSalesPerson  
WHERE TerritoryName IS NOT NULL AND SalesYTD <> 0  
ORDER BY TerritoryName;

Sample Output:

firstname|lastname         |territoryname |salesytd  |row|
Lynn     |Tsoflias         |Australia     |1421810.92|  1|
José     |Saraiva          |Canada        |2604540.72|  1|
Garrett  |Vargas           |Canada        |1453719.47|  2|
Jillian  |Carson           |Central       |3189418.37|  1|
Ranjit   |Varkey Chudukatil|France        |3121616.32|  1|
Rachel   |Valdez           |Germany       |1827066.71|  1|
Michael  |Blythe           |Northeast     |3763178.18|  1|
Tete     |Mensa-Annan      |Northwest     |1576562.20|  1|
David    |Campbell         |Northwest     |1573012.94|  2|
Pamela   |Ansman-Wolfe     |Northwest     |1352577.13|  3|
Tsvi     |Reiter           |Southeast     |2315185.61|  1|
Linda    |Mitchell         |Southwest     |4251368.55|  1|
Shu      |Ito              |Southwest     |2458535.62|  2|
Jae      |Pak              |United Kingdom|4116871.23|  1|

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