AdventureWorks Database: Check for similarity of the values

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-131 with Solution

131 From the following table write a query in SQL to check the values of MakeFlag and FinishedGoodsFlag columns and return whether they are same or not. Return ProductID, MakeFlag, FinishedGoodsFlag, and the column that are null or not null.

Sample table: production.Product

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Sample Solution:

SELECT ProductID, MakeFlag, FinishedGoodsFlag,   
   NULLIF(MakeFlag,FinishedGoodsFlag) AS "Null if Equal"
FROM Production.Product  
WHERE ProductID < 10;

Sample Output:

productid|makeflag|finishedgoodsflag|Null if Equal|
        1|false   |false            |             |
        2|false   |false            |             |
        3|true    |false            |true         |
        4|false   |false            |             |

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