AdventureWorks Database: Combine ProductModelID and Name columns from two tables

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-137 with Solution

137 From the following tables write a query in SQL to combine the ProductModelID and Name columns. A result set includes columns for productid 3 and 4. Sort the results by name ascending.

Sample table: Production.ProductModel

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Sample table: Production.Product

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Sample Solution:

SELECT ProductID, Name  
FROM Production.Product  
WHERE ProductID NOT IN (3, 4)  
SELECT ProductModelID, Name  
FROM Production.ProductModel   

Sample Output:

productid|name                            |
        1|Adjustable Race                 |
      122|All-Purpose Bike Stand          |
      879|All-Purpose Bike Stand          |
      712|AWC Logo Cap                    |
        2|Bearing Ball                    |
      119|Bike Wash                       |
      877|Bike Wash - Dissolver           |
      316|Blade                           |
      115|Cable Lock                      |
      843|Cable Lock                      |
       98|Chain                           |
      952|Chain                           |
      324|Chain Stays                     |
      322|Chainring                       |

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