AdventureWorks Database: Find all rows outside a specified range of rate

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-143 with Solution

143. From the following tables write a query in SQL to find all rows outside a specified range of rate between 27 and 30. Sort the result in ascending order on rate.

Sample table: HumanResources.vEmployee

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Sample table: HumanResources.EmployeePayHistory

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Sample Solution:

SELECT e.FirstName, e.LastName, ep.Rate  
FROM HumanResources.vEmployee e   
JOIN HumanResources.EmployeePayHistory ep   
    ON e.BusinessEntityID = ep.BusinessEntityID  
ORDER BY ep.Rate;

Sample Output:

firstname  |lastname         |rate   |
Marc       |Ingle            |    6.5|
George     |Li               |    6.5|
David      |Johnson          |    6.5|
John       |Frum             |    6.5|
Russell    |King             |    6.5|
David      |Lawrence         |    6.5|
Reed       |Koch             |    6.5|
Benjamin   |Martin           |   6.75|
John       |Frum             |      7|
George     |Li               |   7.25|
Marc       |Ingle            |   7.25|

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SQL: Tips of the Day

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Primary Key:

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  • In some DBMS it cannot be NULL - e.g. MySQL adds NOT NULL
  • Primary Key is a unique key identifier of the record

Unique Key:

  • Can be more than one unique key in one table
  • Unique key can have NULL values
  • It can be a candidate key
  • Unique key can be NULL ; multiple rows can have NULL values and therefore may not be considered "unique"

Ref : https://bit.ly/2XNgBd0