AdventureWorks Database: Find all products that have NULL in the weight column

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-186 with Solution

186. From the following table write a query in SQL to find all products that have NULL in the weight column. Return name and weight.

Sample table: Production.Product

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Sample Solution:

SELECT Name, Weight  
FROM Production.Product  

Sample Output:

name                           |weight|
Adjustable Race                |      |
Bearing Ball                   |      |
BB Ball Bearing                |      |
Headset Ball Bearings          |      |
Blade                          |      |
LL Crankarm                    |      |
ML Crankarm                    |      |
HL Crankarm                    |      |
Chainring Bolts                |      |
Chainring Nut                  |      |
Chainring                      |      |
Crown Race                     |      |
Chain Stays                    |      |
Decal 1                        |      |
Decal 2                        |      |

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SQL: Tips of the Day


SELECT t0.col3
FROM table AS t0
LEFT JOIN table AS t1 ON t0.col1=t1.col1 AND t0.col2=t1.col2 AND t1.col3>t0.col3
WHERE t1.col1 IS NULL;

Ref : https://bit.ly/3VX3Jzv