AdventureWorks Database: Address for city outside US starts with Pa

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-49 with Solution

49. Write a SQL query to retrieve the mailing address for any company that is outside the United States (US) and in a city whose name starts with Pa. Return Addressline1, Addressline2, city, postalcode, countryregioncode columns.

Sample table: Person.Address

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Sample table: Person.StateProvince

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Sample Solution:

SELECT AddressLine1, AddressLine2, City, PostalCode, CountryRegionCode    
FROM Person.Address AS a  
JOIN Person.StateProvince AS s ON a.StateProvinceID = s.StateProvinceID  
WHERE CountryRegionCode NOT IN ('US')  
AND City LIKE 'Pa%' ;

Sample Output:

addressline1              |addressline2  |city                    			   |postalcode 			|countryregioncode|
21105, rue de Varenne     |		 |Paris	 		 |75013	  |FR				|
22, rue du Départ	  |     	 |Pantin 		 |93500	  |FR				| 
36, avenue de la Gare     |     	 |Paris  		 |75019         |FR				|  
39, route de Marseille    |     	 |Paris  		 |75016	     |FR				|
98, rue Montcalm	  |     	 |Paris   		 |75019	  |FR				|
39, avenue des Laurentides|   		 |Paris La Defense       |92081|FR				|
3101, avenue de Malakoff  |    		 |Paris 		 |75003		|FR				|
9005, rue des Bouchers    |     	 |Paris 		 |75005	           |FR				|

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