AdventureWorks Database: Find the departments that each have more than 15 employees

SQL Query - AdventureWorks: Exercise-94 with Solution

94. From the following tables write a SQL query to return the departments of a company that each have more than 15 employees.

Sample table: humanresources.employee

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Sample Solution:

SELECT jobtitle,   
       COUNT(businessentityid) AS EmployeesInDesig  
FROM humanresources.employee e  
GROUP BY jobtitle  
HAVING COUNT(businessentityid) > 15;

Sample Output:

jobtitle                    |employeesindesig|
Production Technician - WC30|              25|
Production Technician - WC60|              26|
Production Technician - WC50|              26|
Production Technician - WC20|              22|
Production Technician - WC10|              17|
Production Technician - WC40|              26|

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