SQL Exercise: Employees joined with a as the 2nd character of a month

SQL employee Database: Exercise-108 with Solution

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108. From the following table, write a SQL query to find those employees who joined in the month of where the second letter is 'a'. Return number of employees.

Sample table: employees

Sample Solution:

FROM employees
WHERE to_char(hire_date,'mon') LIKE '_a%';

Sample Output:

 emp_id | emp_name | job_name | manager_id | hire_date  | salary  | commission | dep_id
  66928 | BLAZE    | MANAGER  |      68319 | 1991-05-01 | 2750.00 |            |   3001
  68736 | ADNRES   | CLERK    |      67858 | 1997-05-23 | 1200.00 |            |   2001
  69324 | MARKER   | CLERK    |      67832 | 1992-01-23 | 1400.00 |            |   1001
(3 rows)


The given query in SQL that selects all the columns and rows from the table 'employees' where the hire date has a month that starts with the letter "a".

The function TO_CHAR() converts the date in the "hire_date" column to a string representation of the month, and the LIKE operator with the pattern 'a%' matches any string that has a second character that is the letter "a". The underscore () represents any single character.

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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