SQL Exercise: List the employees whose ID not starting with digit 68

SQL employee Database: Exercise-111 with Solution

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111. From the following table, write a SQL query to find those employees whose ID not start with the digit 68. Return employee ID, employee ID using trim function.

Sample table: employees

Sample Solution:

SELECT emp_id,
FROM employees
WHERE trim(to_char(emp_id,'99999')) NOT LIKE '68%';

Sample Output:

 emp_id | btrim
  66928 | 66928
  67832 | 67832
  65646 | 65646
  67858 | 67858
  69062 | 69062
  63679 | 63679
  64989 | 64989
  65271 | 65271
  66564 | 66564
  69000 | 69000
  69324 | 69324
(11 rows)


The said query in SQL that return all "emp_id" values with leading zeros, except those that start with "68".

The "trim" function removes any leading or trailing spaces from the resulting string.

The query filters out any rows where the "emp_id" starts with the characters "68" using the "NOT LIKE" operator.

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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