SQL Exercise: Employees with more than 27 years of experience

SQL employee Database: Exercise-21 with Solution

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21. From the following table, write a SQL query to identify employees with more than 27 years of experience. Return complete information about the employees.

Sample table: employees

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SQL exercises on employee Database: List the employees whose experience is more than 27 years

Sample Solution:

FROM employees
              FROM age(CURRENT_DATE, hire_date)) > 27;

Sample Output:

 emp_id | emp_name | job_name | manager_id | hire_date  | salary  | commission | dep_id
  64989 | ADELYN   | SALESMAN |      66928 | 1991-02-20 | 1700.00 |     400.00 |   3001
  65271 | WADE     | SALESMAN |      66928 | 1991-02-22 | 1350.00 |     600.00 |   3001
  65679 | SANDRINE | CLERK    |      69062 | 1990-12-18 | 900.00  |            |   2001
(3 rows)


The said query in SQL that retrieves all the rows from the 'employees' table where the number of years between the "hire_date" column and the current date is greater than 27 years.

The "age" function calculates the time interval between the current date and the "hire_date" column and returns it as an interval value. The interval value is then passed to the "EXTRACT" function to extract the year value.

The result will include all columns of the selected rows.

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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