SQL Exercise: Employee names and salaries are increased by 15% in $

SQL employee Database: Exercise-4 with Solution

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4. From the following table, write a SQL query to list the employees’ name, increased their salary by 15%, and expressed as number of Dollars.

Sample table: employees

Pictorial Presentation:

SQL exercises on employee Database: List the emp_name and salary is increased by 15% and expressed as no.of Dollars

Sample Solution:

SELECT emp_name,
       to_char(1.15*salary,'$99,999') AS "Salary"
FROM employees;

Sample Output:

 emp_name |  Salary
 KAYLING  | $  6,900
 BLAZE    | $  3,163
 CLARE    | $  2,933
 JONAS    | $  3,401
 SCARLET  | $  3,565
 FRANK    | $  3,565
 SANDRINE | $  1,035
 ADELYN   | $  1,955
 WADE     | $  1,553
 MADDEN   | $  1,553
 TUCKER   | $  1,840
 ADNRES   | $  1,380
 JULIUS   | $  1,208
 MARKER   | $  1,610
(14 rows)


The provided query in SQL that retrieves names of all the employees, and their corresponding salaries, adjusted by a 15% increase aliased as "Salary". The AS keyword is used to assign the name "Salary" to the newly created column.

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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