SQL Exercise: Employees joined before a date but not graded 4

SQL employee Database: Exercise-56 with Solution

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56. From the following table, write a SQL query to find the employees whose department ID is 1001 or 3001 and whose salary grade is not 4. They joined the company before 1992-12-31. Return grade, employee name.

Sample table: employees

Sample table: salary_grade

Pictorial Presentation:

SQL exercises on employee Database: List the grade, employee name for the department id 1001 or 3001 but salary grade is not 4 while they joined the company before 1992-12-31

Sample Solution:

SELECT s.grade,
FROM employees e,
     salary_grade s
WHERE e.dep_id IN (1001,
  AND hire_date < ('1992-12-31')
  AND (e.salary BETWEEN s.min_sal AND s.max_sal
       AND s.grade NOT IN (4));

Sample Output:

 grade | emp_name
     1 | JULIUS
     2 | WADE
     2 | MADDEN
     2 | MARKER
     3 | ADELYN
     3 | TUCKER
     5 | KAYLING
(7 rows)


The said query in SQL that retrieves "grade" and "emp_name" from the 'employees' and 'salary_grade' tables.

The query joins the 'salary_grade' and the 'employees' tables using the "WHERE" clause, which includes the employees that department ID must be either 1001 or 3001, employees must have been hired before December 31st, 1992 and the employee's salary must be within the range of the minimum and maximum salary for the corresponding grade in the 'salary_grade' table and also the grade must not be equal to 4.

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Sample Database: employee

employee database structure

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