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SQL Joins exercises on soccer Database: Find the most number of cards shown in the matches

SQL soccer Database: Joins Exercise-44 with Solution

44. Write a query in SQL to find the most number of cards shown in the matches.

Sample table: soccer_country

Sample table: player_booked

Sample table: player_mast

Sample Solution:

SQL Code:

SELECT b.match_no,COUNT(b.*) Booked 
FROM soccer_country a
JOIN player_booked b ON a.country_id=b.team_id
JOIN player_mast c ON b.player_id=c.player_id
GROUP BY b.match_no
having COUNT(b.*)=(
FROM player_booked 
GROUP BY player_id) inner_result)
order by match_no;

Sample Output:

 match_no | booked
        6 |      3
        9 |      3
       11 |      3
       15 |      3
       19 |      3
       21 |      3
       29 |      3
       36 |      3
       44 |      3
(9 rows)

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Sample Database: soccer

soccer database relationship structure

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