SQL VIEW Exercises: Create a view to find the salesmen of the city New York

SQL VIEW : Exercise-3 with Solution

3. From the following table, create a view to find the salespersons of the city 'New York'.

Sample table: salesman

Sample Solution:

Code to create the view

CREATE VIEW newyorkstaff
FROM salesman
WHERE city = 'New York';

Code to see the records form the view

FROM newyorkstaff
WHERE commission > .13;


sqlpractice=# SELECT *
sqlpractice-# FROM newyorkstaff
sqlpractice-# WHERE commission > .13;
 salesman_id | name       |   city   | commission
        5001 | James Hoog | New York |       0.15
(1 row)

Inventory database model:

Inventory database model

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Database: SQL Server

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