SQL VIEW Exercises: Create a view that shows all of the customers who have the highest grade

SQL VIEW: Exercise-9 with Solution

9. From the following table, create a view to find all the customers who have the highest grade. Return all the fields of customer.

Sample table: customer

Sample Solution:

CREATE VIEW highgrade
  FROM customer
  WHERE grade =
    (SELECT MAX (grade)
     FROM customer);


sqlex=# select * from highgrade;
 customer_id |   cust_name    |  city  | grade | salesman_id 
        3008 | Julian Green   | London |   300 |        5002
        3004 | Fabian Johnson | Paris  |   300 |        5006
(2 rows)

Inventory database model:

Inventory database model

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Database: SQL Server

Ref: https://bit.ly/3ry1pBI