SQLite Exercise: Get nth max salaries of employees

Write a query to get nth max salaries of employees.

Sample table : employees

SQLite Code:

FROM employees emp1
WHERE (1) = (
FROM employees emp2
WHERE emp2.salary > emp1.salary);


employee_id  first_name  last_name   email       phone_number  hire_date   job_id      salary      commission_pct  manager_id  department_id
-----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  ------------  ----------  ----------  ----------  --------------  ----------  -------------
101          Neena       Kochhar     NKOCHHAR    515.123.4568  6/18/1987   AD_VP       17000                       100         90
102          Lex         De Haan     LDEHAAN     515.123.4569  6/19/1987   AD_VP       17000                       100         90

Practice SQLite Online

Model Database

Employee Model  Database - w3resource online SQLite practice

Structure of 'hr' database :

hr database

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