SQLite Exercise: Find the names of the employees who are managers

Write a query to find the names (first_name, last_name) of the employees who are managers.

Sample table : employees

SQLite Code:

SELECT first_name, last_name 
FROM employees 
WHERE (employee_id IN (SELECT manager_id FROM employees));


first_name  last_name
----------  ----------
Steven      King
Neena       Kochhar
Lex         De Haan
Alexander   Hunold
Nancy       Greenberg
Den         Raphaely
Matthew     Weiss
Adam        Fripp
Payam       Kaufling
Shanta      Vollman
Kevin       Mourgos
John        Russell
Karen       Partners
Alberto     Errazuriz
Gerald      Cambrault
Eleni       Zlotkey
Michael     Hartstein
Shelley     Higgins

Practice SQLite Online

Model Database

Employee Model  Database - w3resource online SQLite practice

Structure of 'hr' database :

hr database

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