TypeScript Method Overriding

TypeScript Classes and OOP : Exercise-11 with Solution

Write a TypeScript program that creates a class called Shape with properties color and a method draw(). This program prints a message indicating that the shape is being drawn. Then, create a derived class Circle that extends Shape. Override the draw() method in the Circle class to provide a specific implementation for drawing a circle.

Sample Solution:

TypeScript Code:

// Define the base class 'Shape'
class Shape {
  // Property
  color: string;

  // Constructor for Shape
  constructor(color: string) {
    this.color = color;

  // Method to draw (base implementation)
  draw() {
    console.log(`Drawing a ${this.color} shape.`);

// Define the derived class 'Circle' extending 'Shape'
class Circle extends Shape {
  // Constructor for Circle
  constructor(color: string) {
    // Call the constructor of the base class 'Shape'

  // Override the draw method for Circle
  draw() {
    console.log(`Drawing a ${this.color} circle.`);

// Create a Circle object
const myCircle = new Circle("Red");

// Call the draw method for Circle
myCircle.draw(); // Output: Drawing a Red circle.


In the exercise above -

  • First, we define the base class "Shape" with a property 'color' and a constructor that initializes the 'color' property when a 'Shape' object is created.
  • The "Shape" class also includes a "draw()" method, which provides a base implementation for drawing a shape and prints a message indicating the color of the shape.
  • We define the derived class "Circle" that extends "Shape". The "Circle" class has its own constructor that calls the constructor of the base class "Shape" to initialize the 'color' property.
  • The "Circle" class overrides the "draw()" method to provide a specific implementation for drawing a circle. It prints a message indicating the color of the circle.
  • We create an instance of the "Circle" class called 'myCircle' and call the "draw()" method on it to demonstrate the overridden behavior.

When we run this TypeScript code, it will create a 'Circle' object, call the overridden "draw()" method, and display the specific drawing message for a circle in the console.


"Drawing a Red circle."

TypeScript Editor:

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