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TypeScript Modules and Namespaces : Exercise-6 with Solution

Write a TypeScript namespace called MathUtility that contains functions for basic mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Write the functions inside the namespace and use them to perform operations.

Sample Solution:

TypeScript Code:


import MathUtility from './MathUtility';

const num1 = 12;
const num2 = 7;

const sum = MathUtility.add(num1, num2);
console.log(`Sum: ${sum}`); // Output: Sum: 19 

const difference = MathUtility.subtract(num1, num2);
console.log(`Difference: ${difference}`); // Output: Difference: 5  

const product = MathUtility.multiply(num1, num2);
console.log(`Product: ${product}`); // Output: Product: 84  

const quotient = MathUtility.divide(num1, num2);
console.log(`Quotient: ${quotient}`); // Output: Quotient: 1.7142857142857142  


namespace MathUtility {
  export function add(x: number, y: number): number {
    return x + y;

  export function subtract(x: number, y: number): number {
    return x - y;

  export function multiply(x: number, y: number): number {
    return x * y;

  export function divide(x: number, y: number): number {
    if (y === 0) {
      throw new Error("Division by zero is not allowed.");
    return x / y;

export default MathUtility;


In the exercise above -

  • MathUtility.ts is a TypeScript namespace that contains functions for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. These functions are exported from the namespace.
  • In main.ts, we import the "MathUtility" namespace using the import statement.
  • Next we use the functions from the "MathUtility" namespace to perform addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division operations on 'num1' and 'num2'.
  • The imported namespace provides a way to encapsulate and organize related functions while making them available for use in other parts of your code.


Sum: 19
Difference: 5
Product: 84
Quotient: 1.7142857142857142

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