C Exercises: Find the number of combinations that satisfy p + q + r + s = n

C Basic Declarations and Expressions: Exercise-147 with Solution

Write a C program to find the number of combinations that satisfy p + q + r + s = n where n is a given number <= 4000 and p, q, r, s are between 0 and 1000.

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

// Define a macro to ensure non-negative numbers
#define check_num(x) (x>0?x:0)

// Define global variables
int n, result, x;

int main(void) {
	// Prompt user for input
	printf("Input a positive integer:\n");

	// Read the input
	scanf("%d", &n);

	// Initialize result variable
	result = 0;

	// Loop through possible values of x within the specified range
	for (x = check_num(n - 2000); x <= 2000 && n >= x; x++) {
		// Calculate the result based on the given formula
		result += (1001 - abs(1000 - (n - x))) * (1001 - abs(1000 - x));

	// Print the number of combinations
	printf("\nNumber of combinations of p,q,r,s:\n");
	printf("%d\n", result);

	// Return 0 to indicate successful execution
	return 0;

Sample Output:

Input a positive integer:

Number of combinations of p,q,r,s:


C Programming Flowchart: Find the number of combinations that satisfy p + q + r + s = n.

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