C Exercises: Print characters in a reverse way

C Basic Declarations and Expressions: Exercise-4 with Solution

Write a C program to print the following characters in reverse.

Pictorial Presentation:

C Programming: Print characters in a reverse way
Test Characters : 'X', 'M', 'L'

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>

int main() 
    // Declare and initialize character variables
    char char1 = 'X';
    char char2 = 'M';
    char char3 = 'L';

    // Print the original and reversed characters
    printf("The reverse of %c%c%c is %c%c%c\n",
        char1, char2, char3,
        char3, char2, char1);



In the exercise above -

#include <stdio.h> - This code includes the standard input/output library <stdio.h>.

  • In the "main()" function, it declares three character variables: 'char1', 'char2', and 'char3', and assigns them the values 'X', 'M', and 'L' respectively.
  • It uses the "printf()" function to display a formatted message. The message contains placeholders specified by %c, which represent characters.
  • Inside the "printf()" function, it provides the values to substitute for the placeholders. In this case, it provides 'char1', 'char2', and 'char3' followed by their reverse order: 'char3', 'char2', and 'char1'.
  • The program will print: "The reverse of XML is LMX" because it swaps characters in reverse order.
  • Finally, the main function returns 0 to indicate successful program execution.

Sample Output:

The reverse of XML is LMX


C Programming Flowchart: Print characters in a reverse way

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