C Exercises: Calculate Electricity Bill

C Conditional Statement: Exercise-19 with Solution

Write a program in C to calculate and print the Electricity bill of a given customer. The customer id., name and unit consumed by the user should be taken from the keyboard and display the total amount to pay to the customer. The charge are as follow :

Unit Charge/unit
upto 199 @1.20
200 and above but less than 400 @1.50
400 and above but less than 600 @1.80
600 and above @2.00

If bill exceeds Rs. 400 then a surcharge of 15% will be charged and the minimum bill should be of Rs. 100/-

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>  
void main()
   int custid, conu;
   float chg, surchg=0, gramt,netamt;
   char connm[25];

   printf("Input Customer ID :");
   printf("Input the name of the customer :");
   printf("Input the unit consumed by the customer : ");
   if (conu <200 )
	chg = 1.20;
   else	if (conu>=200 && conu<400)
		chg = 1.50;
	else if (conu>=400 && conu<600)
			chg = 1.80;
			chg = 2.00;
   gramt = conu*chg;
   if (gramt>300)
	surchg = gramt*15/100.0;
   netamt = gramt+surchg;
   if (netamt  < 100)
	netamt =100;
   printf("\nElectricity Bill\n");
   printf("Customer IDNO                       :%d\n",custid);
   printf("Customer Name                       :%s\n",connm);
   printf("unit Consumed                       :%d\n",conu);
   printf("Amount Charges @Rs. %4.2f  per unit :%8.2f\n",chg,gramt);
   printf("Surchage Amount                     :%8.2f\n",surchg);
   printf("Net Amount Paid By the Customer     :%8.2f\n",netamt);


Sample Output:

Input Customer ID :10001                                                                                      
Input the name of the customer :James                                                                         
Input the unit consumed by the customer : 800                                                                 
Electricity Bill                                                                                              
Customer IDNO                       :10001                                                                    
Customer Name                       :James                                                                    
unit Consumed                       :800                                                                      
Amount Charges @Rs. 2.00  per unit : 1600.00                                                                  
Surchage Amount                     :  240.00                                                                 
Net Amount Paid By the Customer     : 1840.00 


Flowchart: Calculate Electricity Bill

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