C Exercises: Calculate profit and loss

C Conditional Statement: Exercise-18 with Solution

Write a C program to calculate profit and loss on a transaction.

Pictorial Presentation:

Calculate profit and loss

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>
void main()  
    int cprice,sprice, plamt; //cprice is Cost Price and sprice is Selling Price, plamt denotes total profit/loss  

    printf("Input Cost Price: ");  
    scanf("%d", &cprice);  
    printf("Input Selling Price: ");  
    scanf("%d", &sprice);  
    if(sprice>cprice) //calculate profit  
        plamt = sprice-cprice;  
        printf("\nYou can booked your profit amount : %d\n", plamt);  
    else if(cprice>sprice) //calculate loss  
        plamt = cprice-sprice;  
        printf("\nYou got a loss of amount : %d\n", plamt);  
    else //No Profit No Loss  
        printf("\nYou are running in no profit no loss condition.\n");  

Sample Output:

Input Cost Price: 500                                                                                         
Input Selling Price: 700                                                                                      
You can booked your profit amount : 200 


Flowchart: Calculate profit and loss

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