C Exercises: Print a string in reverse order

C For Loop: Exercise-57 with Solution

Write a C program to print a string in reverse order.

This C program takes a string as input, then reverses it by swapping characters from the leftmost position with the rightmost position iteratively until reaching the middle of the string. It prints the reversed string as the output.

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Print a string in reverse order

Sample Solution:

C Code:

#include <stdio.h>   // Include the standard input/output header file. 
#include <string.h>

void main()
   // Variable declarations
char str1[100], tmp;
int l, lind, rind, i;
   // Prompting user for input
printf("\n\nPrint a string in reverse order:\n ");
   // Getting user input
printf("Input a string to reverse : ");
scanf("%s", str1);
   // Calculating the length of the string
   l = strlen(str1);
   // Initializing left and right indices for swapping
lind = 0;
rind = l - 1;
   // Loop for swapping characters from left to right
for(i = lind; i< rind; i++)
tmp = str1[i];
str1[i] = str1[rind];
str1[rind] = tmp;
   // Printing the reversed string
printf("Reversed string is: %s\n\n", str1);


Print a string in reverse order:                                                                              
Input a string to reverse : Welcome                                                                           
Reversed string is: emocleW 


Flowchart : Print a string in reverse order

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