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C# Sharp Exercises: Display a triangle

C# Sharp Basic Data Types: Exercise-2 with Solution

Write a C# Sharp program that takes a number and a width also a number, as input and then displays a triangle of that width, using that number.

Sample Solution:-

C# Sharp Code:

using System;
public class Exercise2
  public static void Main()
   Console.Write("Input a number: ");
   int num = Convert.ToInt32( Console.ReadLine() );
   Console.Write("Input the desired width: ");
   int width = Convert.ToInt32( Console.ReadLine() );
   int height = width;   
   for (int row=0; row < height; row++)
    for (int column=0; column < width; column++)
   Console.Write( num );

Sample Output:

Input a number: 2                                                                                             
Input the desired width: 5                                                                                    


Flowchart: Display a triangle

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