HTML5: Specify the language of the document in a given link?

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Solution :

HTML Code :

<!-- Declare the document type as HTML5 -->
<!DOCTYPE html>

<!-- Start the HTML document -->

<!-- Start the head section containing metadata about the document -->

<!-- Set the character encoding to UTF-8 -->
<meta charset="utf-8">

<!-- Set the title of the document to "How to create a hyperlink" -->
<title>How to create a hyperlink</title>

<!-- Close the head section -->

<!-- Start the body section containing the content of the document -->

<!-- Create a hyperlink with a specified URL and language -->
<a href="https://w3resource.com" hreflang="en">w3resource Tutorial</a>

<!-- Close the body section -->

<!-- Close the HTML document -->


The above HTML code defines a basic HTML5 document with metadata in the head section and a body containing a hyperlink. The hyperlink has a specified URL, and the 'hreflang' attribute indicates the language of the linked resource.

  • <!DOCTYPE html>: Declares the document type as HTML5.
  • <html>: Marks the beginning of the HTML document.
  • <head>: Contains metadata about the document, such as character encoding and the title.
  • <meta charset="utf-8">: Sets the character encoding to UTF-8.
  • <title>How to create a hyperlink</title>: Sets the title of the HTML document.
  • </head>: Closes the head section.
  • <body>: Contains the actual HTML document content.
  • <a href="https://w3resource.com" hreflang="en">w3resource Tutorial</a>: Creates a hyperlink to "https://w3resource.com" with the specified language attribute set to "en" for English.
  • </body>: Closes the body section.
  • </html>: Marks the end of the HTML document.

Live Demo :

See the Pen a_hreflang-answer by w3resource (@w3resource) on CodePen.

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