Font Awesome Tutorial


Font Awesome provides us with Scalable Vector Icons. They are easy to install, and customizable as well. You may change size, color, drop shadow and many more styles of the icons with ease.

Some of the salient features of the Font Awesome project are listed below:

  • Using Font Awesome, you may consume 585 icons (as of this writing). And that all with a single font.
  • It's free (as free as free beer).
  • Though it created out of Twitter Bootstrap, it works seamlessly with other CSS frameworks too.
  • Since it does not require JavaScript, browser compatibility issues are minimal.
  • Using you CSS skills, you may easily modify the look and feel (e.g. color, size, drop shadow etc.) of icons.
  • Since these based on SVG, they render awesome in all sizes. Font awesome icons look awesome even on high resolution (e.g. Retina) displays.
  • Unlike many other Icon fonts, Font Awesome are screen reader friendly.

Font Awesome Icon categories are as follows :

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