JavaScript: Print all the methods in an JavaScript object

JavaScript Object: Exercise-11 with Solution

Write a JavaScript function to print all the methods in an JavaScript object.
Test Data:
["length", "name", "arguments", "caller", "prototype", "isArray", "observe", "unobserve"]

Sample Solution: -

HTML Code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <meta charset="utf-8">
  <title>JavaScript function to display all methods in a object.</title>


JavaScript Code:

function FindAllMethods(obj) {
    return Object.getOwnPropertyNames(obj).filter(function(property) {
        return typeof obj[property] == "function";
//above code finds methods only
//Following code finds both properties and methods 
function all_properties(obj) 
 return Object.getOwnPropertyNames(obj);



Sample Output:

["abs", "acos", "acosh", "asin", "asinh", "atan", "atanh", "atan2", "ceil", "cbrt", "expm1", "clz32", "cos", "cosh", "exp", "floor", "fround", "hypot", "imul", "log", "log1p", "log2", "log10", "max", "min", "pow", "random", "round", "sign", "sin", "sinh", "sqrt", "tan", "tanh", "trunc"]
["isArray", "from", "of"]
["abs", "acos", "acosh", "asin", "asinh", "atan", "atanh", "atan2", "ceil", "cbrt", "expm1", "clz32", "cos", "cosh", "exp", "floor", "fround", "hypot", "imul", "log", "log1p", "log2", "log10", "max", "min", "pow", "random", "round", "sign", "sin", "sinh", "sqrt", "tan", "tanh", "trunc", "E", "LN10", "LN2", "LOG10E", "LOG2E", "PI", "SQRT1_2", "SQRT2"]
["length", "name", "prototype", "isArray", "from", "of"]


Flowchart: JavaScript - Print all the methods in an JavaScript object.

Live Demo:

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